Thanks to all who are helping!

Here are just a few of the folks who have donated to make PIKnik In The Park a success:
  • Shaver Farms donated 450 pounds of wild huckleberry jelly
  • Franz Baking Company donated all the bread for the 10 weeks of sandwiches
  • Albertsons donated $10,000 through their foundation Nourishing Neighbors.
  • Josh Noel donated 100 protective masks.
  • Many Thanks to all who have donated through our GoFundMe and other fundraisers.


Children should not be subjected to abuse or medical neglect based on the dictates of religion. Yet in Idaho, it is perfectly legal for parents or caregivers to do so. Each year, Idaho children die from "faith healing" medical neglect.

Watch the video to learn more, and send a strong message to state lawmakers: You are failing in your duty to protect the health and lives of our children.

The people of Idaho don’t want to see one more child needlessly suffer, become disabled, or die.

Contact Your Legislator

the march

Our March to Protect Idaho Kids was a great success!
Read speeches and see news coverage here.


Watch a preview of the documentary "Dark Clouds Of Canyon Country" and other videos.


Get involved

We can't do this alone. It's up to all of us to stop this needless suffering. Please help us get rid of harmful exemptions and give all Idaho children a chance at a healthy life.

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